L.I.F.E. Foundation Fellowship


Student Bio & Personal Essay

Hannah Creech

My name is Hannah Creech, and I grew up in Cynthiana, Kentucky with my two sisters, one of whom is my identical twin. I went to Harrison County High School, where I served as secretary on Student Council and ran track for three years, qualifying for state from sophomore to senior year. Additionally, while taking regular classes there, I was afforded the opportunity to earn college credit through my local community college, which led me to eventually obtain an associate’s degree in arts. While going to school junior and senior year, I worked around 25-35 hours a week, which kept me busy and allowed me to learn time management skills.

Some activities I enjoy include working out, hiking, traveling, swimming, reading, and watching movies and TV. I especially have soft spots for Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, and Doctor Who. Moreover, while I haven’t been able to leave the country just yet, I hope to be able to study abroad and/or live overseas for a time because I enjoy exploring areas I’ve never been before, and I find new places exhilarating.

On my path to choosing a college, I originally wanted to attend West Point and serve in the army, but because I had been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome four years prior, I could not attend. As a result, I had to rethink my future and college choice. Eventually, I chose to apply to NKU, due to its computer science program and the atmosphere there. Thankfully, I was accepted and then given a great opportunity to become a part of the L.I.F.E. Foundation.

I first fell in love with programming as a junior in high school, while taking my first coding class. One of the things I loved about it was the idea that you could make so much happen while creating code, and I still find it extremely fascinating how you can develop an entire working program from nothing. My interest in the life sciences, specifically neuroscience, stemmed from having nerve damage and it permanently affecting my life. I believe that by combining research of the nervous system and computer programming, we could create so many possibilities in programming, and I want to be a part of that.

Student Bio & Personal Essay

Jaylen Jones

My name is Jaylen Jones, and I’m happy to attend Northern Kentucky University in the fall and work towards earning a degree in Computer Science. I’m also proud to have earned the L.I.F.E. Fellowship Scholarship and be able to work with other people in my field in order to create new ideas, innovate, and expand on past ideas.

I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and have lived in this city my entire childhood. I grew up in a household with my mom, dad, and brother, who have always been heavy influences on my personality and life. All of them taught me not to be afraid to try new things, treat people the way I want to be treated, and set goals and try my best to reach them. I’m ready to go to college because I’ve always been prepared to experience new things, meet new people, and try to live independently. My family has influenced me to come out of my shell and become more self-reliant, which has helped prepare me for the challenges of college.

For me, the purpose of majoring in Computer Science and later becoming a software developer is to start a career doing something I enjoy, be financially independent, and have job security by working in a field that’s in high demand. I enjoy working with computers and other electronic devices, so being able to create applications that make these devices work has always been interesting to me. If I worked as a software developer, I would be able to do something that I’m passionate about, while being able to support myself and my family financially. Additionally, because of the L.I.F.E. Fellowship Scholarship, I would also be able to work in neuroscience, which I’ve been interested in since I took psychology in high school and began understanding how the brain works. I believe that I will be successful because I have the determination, creativity, intelligence, and independence necessary to be able to do well in my chosen field. These traits will push me to take the essential steps to succeed in becoming a software developer, steps that include going to college, getting work experience through co-ops, researching with the L.I.F.E. Fellowship program, receiving a degree, and working as hard as possible in order to create and innovate.

It’s important for me to not only succeed in my career, but to use my success to give back to my family and my community. I plan to support my parents, grandparents, and my brother as much as I can after I reach my goals, and later, to help my future wife and children achieve their own goals. I plan to support the black community and other minorities as much as possible by donating money in support of black businesses, encouraging others to do the same, giving money to help other people be able to go to college and receive an education, and creating youth groups to support kids and minorities.